We are a small family of three. Camilla, works with dental treatment of pets in Malmø and Copenhagen, Michael, who is working with career development and facilitation for IBM, and Mathilde, who is 7 years old.

Michael has been doing obedience training for many years within the Danish Kennel Club, Camilla is doing exhibition training and Mathilde is practicing everyone in kindness towards children, lovely behaviour and play.

We got our first schnauzer in the middle of the 1990th. The decision came from a discussion about what different criteria's were important for us

The dog had to have a certain size, loose a very little amount of hair, be loyal and intelligent and have a certain degree of independency. The choice was quite clear - It had to be a black Giant Schnauzer.

After an intensive search that lasted over 1½ year and with a lot of help from quite a few experienced schnauzer people, we succeed getting in contact with kennel Koekshove in Belgium. From there we got Urchin van de Koekshove. A Giant Schnauzer that through the whole of his growing up and in his adult years learned us a lot.

Our initial believe were that we were going to have just a "ordinary" family dog, with whom Michael were to work and to exercise with, but we became wiser. On the first event in the Danish Schnauzer Club (now Danish Schnauzer & Pinscher Club), we were told to enter Urchin on a dog exhibition.

A Dog Exhibition! - What was that? Well, one exhibition became to many, both in Denmark and abroad.

One of the purposes of having a dog was also that Camilla could have the dog with her when she went to the Riding Centre, where we had our horse. "Unfortunately" it turned out that Urchin fell in love with all the horses. In practice he showed this by putting his front legs at the barrier and very loudly greeted his friends inside the arena.

For those of you that are not used to dressage competitions, let us just add, that normally the only thing one can hear is the horse riding and the music that they are doing their exercise after - And in this case, a Giant Schnauzer.

Amongst other things this lead us to get a more portable version of the Giant Schnauzer. This was the reason for the first miniature schnauzer entering our home.

Of course Tailor, Xcalibur van de Koekshove, came from the same kennel as Urchin. Ever since he stepped inside our home he has influenced the family just by his presence and his fantastic personality

Miniature Schnauzers are strange dogs ;-) They multiply themselves in numbers! When one at the same time is very interested in genetics and breeding, it is obvious that one have to found a dog kennel. It is from the interest for genetic and breeding and the love for miniature and giant schnauzers that kennel Matica exist!

In our kennel today we have: Summer & Focus (Russia), Tailor (Belgium), Pixieline (Spain), Frisbee (Brazil) and of course some of the offspring's ;-)

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